Looking to level up your product management skills but not sure where to start? No need to stress - we’ve put together a list of the top 15 product management related courses. So now you’re spoilt for choice!

Now we might be slightly biased but here’s some of our top product management course picks - but we promise they aren’t all ours! 😅

Product-led Alliance Courses

1. Product-led leaders - Product-led Alliance

The product-led leaders fellowship will introduce resources, tools, and networking opportunities with the goal of helping you become the best leader you can be. You’ll be able to hone your leadership skills, upgrade your PLG strategy, and spark insightful discussions with other leaders in an intimate and exclusive environment.

“I learned a lot of great concepts and frameworks from the courses, and also had the opportunity to meet and hear from other product leaders.” - Ally Dorazio

This leadership course will help you to:

🙇‍♀️ Learn to critically assess, examine and improve your leadership skills.

💡 Get more informed, confident, and impactful across every aspect of your craft.

🔥 Gain a refreshed perspective to continue making decisions that benefit your business and propel your product leadership career.

“I feel I learned many tools and techniques that I can apply immediately to manage my teams and our product processes more effectively.” - Deidre Arnold

This six-week course covers six main topics and includes two live weekly workshops, to help you supercharge your leadership skills in the PLG space!

2. Product-led growth metrics - Product-Led Alliance

Our product-led metrics course is the place to start uncovering more of the "why", to help inform the "how" by transforming the way you, your team, and your organization approach measurement and metric development.

“A holistic view of Metrics, customer journeys, CX and UX. I enjoyed the 'Intro to the Pillars of Product Measurement', found it extremely easy and clear. Overall impression - would rate 9/10” - Vaishali Dialani, Head of Customer Experience at NOW Money.

This PLG metrics course teaches you how to:

👊 Understand the process to develop measures and metrics that tie cleanly back to core business objectives.

🔥 Measure and demonstrate your team’s success more clearly.

🚀 Provide timely, measured, feedback and focus on impact.

👊 Produce a flexible deliverable that enables holistic analytics to be infused seamlessly into the product development process.

This self-paced course consists of five modules and over two hours worth of content, along with certification at completion.

3. Product operations - Product-led Alliance

Looking to learn more about product operations? This course aims to provide students with an overview of the role so they can apply it to the teams they steward.

Some things this product ops course covers include:

🧠 Understand the terminology, expectations, and roles of product operations people.

💪 Apply product management expertise to improving product communities.

📊 Design experiments to run within your product communities.

“The examples and bottlenecks that Chris was describing were so familiar to us based on what I experienced in our organization. We do not have a product ops person, so our PMs are struggling to get alignment, better time management or simply agree on things. I felt that this course has opened my eyes on some methods on how it could be solved.” -Elizaveta Vandamme, Product Marketing Manager at Kontist

Learn at your own pace with this on-demand course which includes five modules and over three hours of content.

4. Product adoption - Product-Led Alliance

The product adoption course will equip you with the bank of tried and tested tactics and strategies needed to increase product adoption at each and every stage of the product adoption life cycle.

Some key skills this course will teach you are:

👊 Have an understanding of what the product adoption lifecycle is.

🔥 Learn what the behaviors of users are at each point of the adoption lifecycle.

This self-paced course is currently in the works but is dropping soon - and available for preorder now!

5. Product-led growth onboarding - Product-Led Alliance

User onboarding is one of the most important aspects of PLG. Our course will provide you with an onboarding playbook destined to set your product-led strategy up for success. Giving you the skills to set your customers up for success.

Here are some of the key takeaways from this course:

👊 Define an outstanding PLG onboarding strategy to increase product growth and ease the process of onboarding new users.

🔥 Foster champion users for your product increasing customer adoption and retention.

This self-paced course is currently in the works but is dropping soon - and available for preorder now!

6. Product-led growth - Product-led Alliance

This product-led growth course is great for those just starting out in product management.

Some key takeaways from this course are:

👊 Understand the breadth of product-led approaches.

🔥 Gain in-depth knowledge of the current state of PLG and how it came to be.

🚀 Walk away with and apply the common components of PLG with proven strategy.

👊 Up-skill yourself in the core competencies required for getting started in PLG.

This course is still in the works - but can be pre-ordered now!

Other PM courses

7. Product management - Northwestern University

Looking for a university course in product management? The Kellog business school at Northwestern University is offering this online course in product management. The course is taken over six months and has 20 modules to boost your PM skills!

This course is perfect for starting your career in product management or moving laterally into a product role.

8. Product management - General Assembly

For a practical course check out General Assembly’s (GA) product management course. This course has the option to take over 10 weeks or get it all over in a one week accelerated course. You can also choose to study remotely or at a GA campus.

9. Product management - AIPMM

Looking to become an accredited product manager? Look no further than the Association of International Product Marketing & Management’s certified course. Choose between self-study or guided study and take your exam.

10. Product management - LinkedIn learning

Still haven't seen a PM course you want to take? LinkedIn learning has lots of product management courses available with a variety of skill levels and time restrictions in mind. Have a browse and see what courses take your fancy!

11. Computer science - Stanford University

This foundation in computer science graduate program at Stanford University is a great course for any PM looking to gain more technical knowledge. The course is designed to be completed over nine months and consists of 11 modules over three terms.

12. Data science - General Assembly

Looking to boost your data science knowledge? This General Assembly course can help you do just that! This 12-week course consists of five key modules and can be taken remotely or in-person at a GA site.

13. Creativity, problem solving and design thinking - University of Cambridge

Want to improve your mindset and thinking skills? Then this University of Cambridge course is for you! This six-week course teaches you how to creatively solve problems within a business context and gains you a certification from this well-respected university after completion.

14. Analytics - Google

The Google Analytics course is a great way to learn how to make the most of the platform - and a great skill for a PM to have a basic understanding of.

15. Coding - Codecademy

If you want to learn some basic coding skills - Codecademy has a great selection of courses to teach you the language(s) you’d like to learn. From HTML to Python there's a course for any coding language you would need to understand your developers!

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