You might not even realize it, but every SaaS product is also an analytics product. This has never been more true than it is today. In the age of the cloud and big data, our applications and our end users generate mountains of data on a daily basis. We may already provide our users with a few basic charts and reports, but are we really providing them with meaningful analytics that matter?

As product owners, we have a duty to help our customers unlock the potential of their data within our applications. Our end users don’t just want the same run-of-the-mill, pre-built charts and reports we’ve all become accustomed to delivering in the past. They want new customizable tools they can use to analyze their data on their own terms and discover insights that can help them grow their business.

Embedded analytics certainly isn’t a new concept, but it has evolved considerably over the past few years and so have several key industry trends that are specific to SaaS companies like you. The move to the cloud has paved the way for SaaS product managers and owners to incorporate third-party tools into their product in all-new ways that weren’t even possible just a few years ago.

Thanks to modern, serverless technologies in the cloud, analytics now encompasses a lot more than just the charts, reports and dashboards you’re used to. It can now include your entire data pipeline, seamlessly combining data collection, transformation, analytics and visualization with advanced data automation and even artificial intelligence and machine learning. And all of these new features are now possible in cost-efficient, scalable solutions that are quick to deploy and even cost less than traditional server-based solutions.

What does all of this mean for product managers like us?

Well, it opens up new worlds of possibilities for new customer experiences, new products and services and new revenue opportunities. It ultimately allows us to create next-generation applications that are more powerful, more enjoyable and stickier than ever before. All without compromising privacy or data security and without breaking the bank or slowing down your development team. Almost sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Turns out, it isn’t!

You can catch up on Qrvey's full presentation from the Product-Led Festival on demand to learn why embedded analytics is quickly becoming one of the most important, and yet still under-utilized tools in the product manager’s toolbox. Learn how delivering an advanced analytics experience is a lot easier than you might think and can turn your customers into champions and evangelists.

The presentation covers:

  • How customizable analytics tools create a better user experience.
  • How embedded analytics can increase retention and user satisfaction.
  • How to grow your revenue streams and monetize your analytics.
  • How to free up valuable roadmap space by developing faster and smarter.

The future of embedded analytics is here, and it includes the cloud, automation, artificial intelligence and a whole lot more...