In the latest episode, Graham Reed, Antonia Landi, and guest host May Wong delve into the profound effects of layoffs and navigate the uncertain terrain of finding new employment amidst mental health strains and financial burdens. 

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‎Show Product Ops Chronicles, Ep Product ops: Providing value during the great redundancy - 25 Mar 2024

Come explore how product management and operations roles are changing amid a gradual job market recovery, offering optimism to those seeking new opportunities. 

Our hosts illuminate the indispensable value of product operations during organizational change, emphasizing its role in supporting employee well-being, retention, and career advancement. 

What’s cooking in episode 4?

  • Impact of layoffs and challenges faced by those laid off, such as finding new employment, mental health issues, and financial pressure
  • Uncertainty around the future of product management and product operations roles
  • Gradual recovery in the job market and optimism for those seeking new roles
  • The value and importance of product operations during times of organizational change and restructuring 
  • The value proposition of product operations in supporting employee retention, well-being, and career development 
  • The need for product operations to navigate and adapt to the unique challenges of each organization, rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all framework or playbook.

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