Interested in finding the latest statistics and trends in product operations? Dig into all the key stats from our State of Product Ops Report 2022, all nicely summed up for you!

Redefining the role

  • 91% of the people in product we surveyed confirmed they already had a product ops function in place at their org. Compared to just 9% that stated they didn’t currently have a dedicated role.
  • Out of those that didn’t have a dedicated product ops role, just under two-thirds (63%) confirmed that they’d be developing the function in the next 12 months.
  • When asked ‘how much does product ops play a part in successful product-led growth?’ The result came in at a solid 8.6 out of 10 on average - with 42% settling on 9.

Key responsibilities, impacts and values

  • Just under half (48%) of all respondents rated helping cross-functional product teams discover, build and communicate better, as the top responsibility for all product ops managers. With making key decisions related to all aspects of product ops, alongside other executives (47%) not far behind.
  • 56% of those we surveyed placed putting standard operating procedures and governance in place as the highest point of impact for product ops teams currently.
  • 59% agreed that being efficiency-driven is the most critical quality for product ops managers to possess.
Infographic depicting a visual representation of some key statistics.

Is product ops necessary?

  • Over half (52%) of respondents agreed that product ops is here to make sure customers have the best possible product experience, by helping product managers.
  • 91% of those we surveyed agreed that product operations is currently fulfilling its purpose to make life easier for PMs, especially at larger organizations.
  • The vast majority (94%) of respondents stated they didn’t agree that product ops is the same as program management.

The internal environment

  • We asked who product ops managers and teams should be reporting to and 66% of respondents agreed that it should be the Chief Product Officer or the VP of Product.
  • When asked ‘where does product ops best sit within organizations?’ Close to a quarter (24%) of those surveyed stated that product ops currently sits in strategic and portfolio planning.
  • However, 51% said that product ops fits into all the available options which included: strategic and portfolio planning, product GTM enablement, product analytics, and experimentation.

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