PLA is your one-stop shop for all things product-led growth (PLG) related. But what are all the ways you can truly embrace the community and everything it has to offer? 

We caught up with Thais Rigolon, Product Ops Manager at Neon, Community Manager at Product Operations Brazil, and Board Member of Agile Alliance Brazil, to find out. This busy individual noted down everything she's garnered from PLA and how it’s made a positive impact on her professional life.

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I've always been very involved with communities since I started working years ago with open software. My main motivation was to connect with product people around the world and learn from each other's experiences.

What I’ve enjoyed most since joining is the Slack engagement, the events, and also the shared content that is great and brings cases that help us to make product challenges tangible on a daily basis.

I’ve enjoyed most the exchanges of experience, from challenges to wins that people are having. I also really enjoy following the contents of the site.

Resources and connections

As I'm from the product ops area, The State of Product Ops report is a very valuable diamond. It has helped me understand the context of this area in other companies around the world. In addition, it was an inspiration to run the first survey of the Brazilian Product Ops scenario, which should be released soon.

I was able to connect with people outside of Brazil with similar challenges and have gotten to know people from other countries, markets, and product challenges. The community has also helped shape my experience and new ways of working with products.

The State of Product Ops helped me to understand how the area is establishing itself in the world. The report shortened the benchmarking time for my current project since I was able to contact other professionals and get their feedback on how product ops has evolved in the last years. 


I was able to help some people with specific questions to which I knew the answer and also benchmark my context in a Brazilian fintech. It was a very collaborative experience, with a genuine desire to help other product people grow in their careers.

The Slack channel makes contact with others much easier, too. In other business communities, you need to go to specific sites to talk to the community, so the convenience PLA provides is top-tier.

I highly encourage others to join this community to learn more about products. It’s a fantastic place to meet people who share their experiences of the challenges of creating products that customers will love.

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