Have you met Ninika Nanda, product executive extraordinaire? If not, let us introduce you to the Women of Fintech Ambassador and hear how her time at PLA has shaped her career trajectory. 

With over two decades of industry experience, Ninika is a seasoned professional specializing in product leadership, strategy, and growth. Her expertise extends to community engagement, where she has been actively involved in fostering collaborative environments. 

As a dedicated individual, she has consistently demonstrated a passion for driving innovation and achieving excellence in the ever-evolving landscape of product development.

So, how has she contributed to PLA, and what has the community brought to her? Read on to find out.


My motivation for joining this community and appearing on the podcast stems from a profound realization of the invaluable benefits that communities offer. I've been genuinely fascinated by the energy and vibrancy that the Product-Led Alliance (PLA) community brings to the table. 

Beyond the collaboration of industry experts, it provides a unique opportunity to share, contribute, and grow collectively. Witnessing the exponential growth not only in my own knowledge but also in the growth of fellow members is truly empowering. The wealth of insights and opportunities within this community is a constant source of inspiration for me.

Learning and sharing knowledge

Since joining PLA, I've found joy in nearly every aspect, but what truly excited me was the Product-Led Summit last year in 2023. The opportunity to connect with other industry experts was overwhelming, and being able to participate as a speaker allowed me to share valuable industry knowledge. It was a remarkable experience that not only enriched my understanding but also contributed to my professional growth.

Ninika Nanda at a PLA summit in 2023

It’s time to podcast 

I was able to participate in the For The Love of Product podcast. The podcast experience was truly fascinating, offering a refreshing journey through my career and reflecting on the path that has shaped me into who I am today. 

My conversation with Tiama was particularly enjoyable, as she skillfully brought out my authenticity and expertise. It provided a valuable opportunity to reconnect with the key elements that have played a pivotal role in my professional journey and contributed to my current position.

New connections 

Participating in PLA has opened doors to numerous valuable connections. I am delighted to have expanded my professional network and engaged with like-minded individuals. Additionally, it provided a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with former colleagues, rebuilding connections that had been lost over time.

The community has played a pivotal role in my professional growth. Through continuous learning, sharing insights, and engaging with industry experts, I have not only boosted my confidence but also evolved into a more articulate and confident speaker. It's been a transformative experience that has significantly contributed to my overall professional development.

Becoming a valued member

The culture within the PLA community is truly exceptional. The team's dedication to facilitating and supporting members, whether preparing for a conference summit or a podcast, is unparalleled. 

Their inclusive and forward-thinking approach fosters a welcoming environment that encourages active engagement. It's a community where collaboration thrives, and every member is empowered to contribute their unique insights. I'm truly appreciative of the supportive and dynamic culture that defines the PLG community.


I strongly encourage fellow product professionals to join this community and seize the opportunity if they aspire to excel in their careers and climb the career ladder. The wealth of resources and support available within the community is truly invaluable. 

It's a platform that not only facilitates professional growth but also provides a collaborative space to connect with industry experts, share experiences, and stay abreast of the latest trends and insights.

Being a part of this community has been instrumental in my own journey, and I believe it can significantly benefit others in their professional endeavors.

Catch Ninika's episode on For the Love of Product, where she digs into her career and all the lessons she's learned along the way.

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Product leadership and personal growth, with Nanika Nanda
In this episode, we’re joined by Ninika Nanda, a visionary leader with an impressive track record. Over the past two decades, she has seamlessly navigated product and engineering roles, showcasing a deep understanding of both domains.