This episode’s guest is one of the most internationally renowned product management experts, a man who needs no introduction - Roman Pichler, Product Management Author, Consultant, and Trainer.

Roman dives into all things product roadmaps; from the power of outcome-driven roadmaps, to the factors product leaders need to focus on to derive real value from a product roadmap, and more.

‎For the Love of Product 💙🎙: Drive the best outcomes through your product roadmap, with Roman Pichler on Apple Podcasts
‎Show For the Love of Product 💙🎙, Ep Drive the best outcomes through your product roadmap, with Roman Pichler - 14 Jan 2022

Key talking points:

  • Shifting away from the traditional feature-based roadmaps.
  • The power of focusing on the why instead of the how.
  • When to use different types of product roadmaps effectively.
  • The advantages of having a validated product strategy.
  • How leveraging the collective knowledge and creativity of the team adds value.

A little about the guest

Roman has been involved in product management and agile software development for over 20 years. As well as teaching and advising product managers, owners and leaders, he shares his knowledge through his training courses, podcast, and talks. He’s also the author of four books; including “How to Lead in Product Management” and “Strategize: Product Strategy”.

Roman has contributed to the discipline of product management, working with companies to help them address and embrace agile organization principles and create successful products.

Outside his work, Roman enjoys spending time with his family, cycling in the Chiltern hills, playing the tenor saxophone, and helping with family events at Amaravati Buddhist monastery.

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