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December 2021

Exclusive content

When your 'AI problem' doesn't need an 'AI product'... yet

Designing analytics for real humans


Why product & marketing need to collaborate

Templates & frameworks

OKR canvas

Current state customer journey map

November 2021

Exclusive content

User-centered product ops

Product ops, party of one


Chief Product Officer Summit | November 11 2021

Templates & frameworks

Product discovery interview

Product alignment framework

October 2021

Exclusive content

How to power up your organization with product ops

How to best achieve product ops’ mission

From 0 to 12M: driving product-led growth from the outside in


Product-Led Festival | October 19-21 2021

Templates & frameworks

Value proposition template

Value proposition evaluator

September 2021

Exclusive content

Know thy competition

The product-led mindset, start-up journey, and lessons


Product Operations Summit | September 2021

AI for PMs Summit | September 2021

How a Growth Strategy Pivot Led to a Marketplace's Rebound with Tradesy

Templates & frameworks

The Kano Model framework

Product Demo checklist

August 2021

Exclusive content

Building academy: spinning HubSpot's flywheel with content and code

How to use data and insight to create better products for our customers


Storytelling our customer's problems with Expedia

Templates & frameworks

HEART framework

MoSCoW analysis framework

July 2021

Exclusive content

Scaling product discovery

Forward-thinking with a platform product


Driving innovation at Salesforce with design thinking

The future of product analytics with Logi Analytics

Templates & frameworks

AARRR model

PLG churn rate

June 2021

Exclusive content

Qualities of a strong product leader

Career fuel for product managers: how to be more strategic and grow your career


Building Products that Take Advantage of AI/ML to Delight Your Users

Templates & frameworks

Improving trial-to-subscription conversions

How to lower your churn rate

May 2021

Exclusive content

Stakeholders: a field guide

Scaling products beyond regular constraints


CPO Summit Vol. 2

Translating Insights into Action: Using Data to Influence

Measuring Success for Product Ops

Templates & frameworks

Internal roadmap template

New hire onboarding checklist

April 2021

Exclusive content

HubSpot’s growth process and how we prioritize experiments

Make your own magic goggles: how to see whether your team will succeed or fail


The Ultimate Guide to Stakeholder Management

Templates & frameworks

Customer Success Story Framework

Customer Success Story Questions

March 2021

Exclusive content

Two peas in a pod: What we’ve learned about a successful partnership between PMM & PM


Product-Led Festival Vol. 3

Tips for being an AI PM

Templates & frameworks

Customer Experience Map

Time To Value (TTV) Framework

February 2021

Exclusive content

Tactics for growth product management

Product + comms = amazing experiences


Product Operations Summit

Defining and measuring product success

Templates & frameworks

Product Feature Prioritization Frameworks

Product Roadmap Frameworks

January 2021

Exclusive content

Delivering growth and measuring impact at Grammarly

Templates & frameworks

Competitive Analysis Framework - Porter's Five Forces

Competitive Analysis Framework - Growth Share Matrix

Product-Led Growth Metrics

December 2020

Exclusive content

How much can mobile drive revenue growth?


CPO Summit Vol. 1

Shifting your organization to a PM mindset

Templates & frameworks

Competitor SWOT analysis

Template: Product Launch Team Charter

Mini market requirements

November 2020

Exclusive content

From zero - product: how a disrupted industry has embraced product discipline as the way forward


Product-Led Festival Vol. 2

Giving power back to the customers in an ever-disrupted world

Streamlined product spec for mobile teams

Templates & frameworks

Framework: Creating a Growth Model

Onboarding checklist

Innovate fast with lean experiments [Cheatsheet]

October 2020

Exclusive content

Lean product development - how to succeed in crazy times


Integrating User Research into a Data-driven Team's Process

Templates & frameworks

Customer onboarding framework

Jobs-to-be-done canvas

Product launch tiers

Product Requirements Document template

September 2020


Product-Led Festival Vol. 1

How to lean in on your competitive advantage

Templates & frameworks

Feature update

Converting freemium users to paid users

New user templates

Inactive user templates

August 2020


Product-Led Summit London

Demystifying AI in Product Management

Templates & frameworks

Completed first action

Cross-sell templates

Up-sell templates